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The training course in “Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the Furniture Sector is free and open to anyone interested .

The course consists of interactive learning materials – videos, infographics, presentations and quizzes – and a set of manuals with all necessary information and additional readings to go in depth into several topics of interest. The course consists of around 30 hours of training divided in 6 different modules:

  1. Creativity and creative thinking: an overview on the multiple valences and layers of creativity which allow to enhance and develop creative thinking.
  2. Creativity and innovation: focused on developing methods to be simultaneously creative and innovative.
  3. Motivational Creativity: an overview on motivation, individual motivation levels and its link to confidence, productivity and positive goal setting, through the analysis of different motivational theories.
  4. Sustainable creativity: presentation of basic knowledge of sustainable projects which employ critical and sustainable creative thinking: EWM (Energy, Waste, Material) efficiency, eco-design and circular economy.
  5. Creativity and entrepreneurship: an introduction to basic notions of strategic management, emphasizing the main personal features, which can be useful in a leading position.
  6. Work-based tool: a guide for the processes of creation and implementation of ideas applied to real projects.

You can access the course by clicking here.