Entrepreneurship—this word symbolizes so many dreams and aspirations, so many stories of success and struggle, ups and downs but at last a story that every entrepreneur would want to share. It doesn’t matter how big or small the startup is or where it is based out of as long as it is impacting lives positively and at ground level. And I say this from experience, given that I have worked not just across India but also on international grounds.

Whether you are in the Silicon Valley, the UK, bustling Indian metro city, or a small town, you can create a viable startup. So many aspiring entrepreneurs have come up to me and asked if it is recommended and even possible to build something from the ground up if one is based in the culturally diverse small towns of India. And I have always said that if your business offering or solution is actually solving a real and existing problem, geographical constraints do not matter in this Internet-first world.

All of us who reside or grew up in small towns with aspirations and dreams to build something for Bharat and its audience have access to enough resources and opportunities to convert our dreams into realities and witness results, in today’s day and age. The trick lies in identifying them and making the best use of them. Hence, sharing some lessons from my entrepreneurial journey of building a content platform for Bharat from a small town.

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