On 28th and 29th September 2020 there will be next FACET meeting that will be held online, due to COVID restrictions.

The main objective of FACET is developing new and innovative training methods to further strengthening creativity and entrepreneurship in the furniture sector, both for initial and continuous VET and including work-based learning.

The new training will aim to reversing the losing creativity trend and improve the ability to generate new and better ideas, and to turn ideas into action in order to create new real and valuable products/services/business models.

The project has 2 specific objectives: the definition of FACET curriculum for creativity and entrepreneurial skill and knowledge and the development of a Work Based Learning Tool to guide professionals through the idea creation and implementation process.

The six project partners, representing 6 countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania) will meet online to revise the last six months project progress and results. During this period, FACET focused its efforts in implementing and translating modules and contents of training course on MOOC platform. The pilot test for companies and stakeholders will be online by the end of the year.