The goal of the Association of Czech Furniture Makers is the maximum customer satisfaction with the furniture and the services provided.

The Association of Czech Furniture Makers was established in 1997 based on the thoughts of several entrepreneurs engaged in the production of furniture. The intention of honest work and functioning services soon began to attract other entrepreneurs, who are serious about their business in the field of furniture production. The largest professional association of furniture manufacturers in the Czech Republic began to form. The current Association of Czech Furniture Makers brings together entrepreneurs producing various types of furniture and using various materials. 

The Association of Czech Furniture Makers has always taken care of the seriousness of its members. The reputation and professionalism of member companies is our number one priority. The association is open only to companies, that respect moral and legal principles. Membership in such a prestigious trade union is a guarantee of integrity and solidity of member companies. For the customer, it is a clear signal about the safety and health safety of the purchased furniture.

The companies associated in the Association of Czech Furniture Makers express their membership in the interest in the further development of the field in the Czech Republic.